BlockFi Referral Codes And Review

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BlockFi Referral Codes And Review

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Authored: 2019-10-25 06:55:44 | Updated: 2021-11-08 03:56:28

BlockFii has revolutionized the crypto space by not only allowing users to purchase bitcoin but also earn interest holding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in its wallet. With BlockFi, you can leverage your crypto and access bank-like services.


Due to the increase in the number of persons that now deal with crypto, it is very necessary that you buy from authentic dealers. BlockFi is one of the many crypto platforms available, but they offer an impeccable service.


With blockfi, you're able to earn up to 8.6% APY as interest on your cryptocurrency, borrow cash, sell or buy crypto. Here, there are no hidden charges, no low balances, and more importantly, no reason to wait which means you can withdraw at any time. Let's have an in-depth review of this platform and what you stand to gain when you decide to buy crypto here. Shall we?


What Is BlockFi?

This is a cryptocurrency platform that allows you to take advantage of your cryptocurrency and put it to good use. BlockFi offers you all-in-one service. With BlockFi, you are presented with a new means to develop your income.


This platform is focused on bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. They offer interest earnings crypto accounts with high rates. They also offer impeccable financial assistance through a smooth, instinctive dashboard experience.


With BlockFi, you can make up to 8% interest on cryptocurrencies you store in your BlockFi wallet. The number of persons using BlockFi as their cryptocurrency platform keeps increasing steadily. So, we can say that the future for BlockFi does look bright. The BlockFii platform aims to introduce the world's first bitcoin rewards credit card to people. With this card, 1.5% on every bitcoin you get will be given back to you.


A report from January 29, BlockFi just registered their "BlockFi Bitcoin Trust" with SEC. This simply implies that the company has a creative new investment product in development.


BlockFii Referral Rewards

Being an associate or a member is not the only way you could make money. With BlockFi, you get to earn up to $20 for every person you refer. When they come into the system through your referral and they deposit $100 or more to their account, you'll be paid an instant $20.


Let's have a quick look: Imagine you have $100 in your BlockFi account and you were able to refer and bring in 4 persons to the system, you'd get a reward of $20 for each. Now, $10×4 = $80 you own in your account. BlockFi referrals are instantly transferred after 1 month.


Another interesting thing is, the friend who was referred will also receive $20 too, making it a win-win situation. Any user that refers 5 people to BlockFi, earns $20 in Bitcoin for any referral that will come after that. The first 5 Blockfi referrals will generate $10 each. 


How to Refer A Friend For A Referral Bonus

When you refer a friend, there are bonuses attached. Here is a quick step on how to refer a friend:


  • Sign in to your BlockFi Dashboard
  • At the top right of your dashboard, you'll see the refer a friend button. Click on it.
  • After this, you get a URL
  • When you've referred any friend, always have them register their account with the URL you got. That way you'll receive your $10 interest, and they'll receive theirs.
  • After 5 referrals, your referral bonus increases to $20.


Note: Your referred friend will have to sustain the qualifying balance of $100 or more in their account until the next interest payment day to qualify you both for the bonus.


BlockFi Referral code FAQ

Does BlockFii have any verified working referral codes today?

Currently, Blockfi has 2 working referral codes. We strive to test Blockfi promo codes on a daily basis. If you find a referral code that isn’t working please contact us. Additionally, if you would like to submit a Blockfi discount code you have found, let us know and we’ll verify it.


Where can I get Blockfi referral code codes?

Blockfi typically promotes referral codes and discount codes which you can source at the top of this page. If you see a referral code marked with the “Get Referral Code” label for Blockfi discount codes. That is your best bet for an actual working promo code. You can also find sales and other promotions that don’t necessarily require a referral code at checkout for Blockfi here too. Typically these sales will apply the discount on their storefront.


What is the best Blockfi referral code available?

Typically we’ll place the best working Blockfi referral code or promo code at the top of the page. If there are no referral code codes we will post any deals or offers provided by Blockfi.


I found a Blockfi referral code! Now how do I use it?

First, you’ll want to copy the referral code by clicking one of the offers towards the top of this page. Next, you’ll want to go to Blockfi’s website and shop for your desired products. Once you get to the checkout page for Blockfi, you’ll notice there’s a “discount code” or “enter referral code code” box. If your referral code for Blockfi is valid, they’ll notify you of the amount you saved. If the code is expired or has reached the max amount of use, there will be a red popup that notifies you.


When are the best times to find Blockfi’s online referral code?

The best times to search for Blockfi’s discount codes are during holidays and special events like Black Friday. In addition to offering a Black Friday referral code, Blockfi can also offer Cyber Monday deals which come the following Monday. You’ll want to bookmark this page and keep checking for the latest Blockfi referral code codes. Sometimes you’ll be able to find weekend flash sales in which case we’ll update this page with the up-to-date promo code.


What Does Blockfi Offer?

With blockfi, you can make a profit on your cryptocurrency and also get USD loans against it as well. BlockFi allows you to trade crypto, they also offer a limited amount of cryptocurrencies to trade. Some of which include: ETH, BTC, LTC, USDC, and GUSD.


What is BlockFi Interest Account (BIA)?

A BlockFi Interest Account is the interest-bearing account of BlockFi. You get to earn interest on whatever you trade. If you're trading BTC, ETH, LTC, GUSD, USDC, and PAX, there is an interest rate assigned to all. Also, a minimum balance is not needed to get this interest. Here is a list of BlockFi's interest rate:


  • BTC Tier 1 - 6.00% ( This is for amounts of 0 to 2.5)
  • BTC Tier 2 - 3.00% (This is for amounts with over 2.5)
  • LINK - 5.50%
  • ETH - 5.250%
  • LTC - 6.50%
  • BUSD - 8.60%
  • PAX - 8.60%
  • PAXG - 5.00%
  • USDT - 9.30%
  • USDC - 8.60%
  • GUSD - 8.60%


However, if you do not own any of the listed coins above, you've got no need to panic. You could wire some USD to your BIA, then the USD will be changed to stablecoins (USDC, PAX, or GUSD). The interest in your BIA is paid out monthly, either in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Gemini Dollar, or UDS coin.


Also, you're allowed to choose what coin your interest should be paid in. The benefits of picking your payouts are so you can diversify your portfolio across different coins.


How Do You Borrow Funds Against Crypto?

With BlockFi, you're able to borrow funds against your crypto assets and you get to pay as low as 4.5% APR while withdrawing U.S Dollars.


Lots of people who trade crypto prefer holding their crypto and not selling it and so with that, BlockFi allows you to use your crypto as collateral. You have access to your crypto while you get USD loans.


BlockFi expects you to maintain a 50% loan to value (LTV) ratio to borrow US Dollars. For instance, if 1 BTC is $30,000 and you intend on borrowing $30,000, you are expected to put approximately 2 BTC as collateral for 1 year.


The day BlockFi receives your loan is the same day you will get your collateral. This loan can be paid off however you deem fit. With BlockFi, there are no payment delay fees or penalties.


Note also that it will be best for you to track your collateral, to be sure it doesn't fall below the 50% LTV ratio. This is because the price for BTC fluctuates often and so if it suddenly drops, you may need to put in more BTC to secure your loan.


BlockFi Mobile App

What's BlockFi without a mobile app? They've got amazing apps for iOS and Android users. The mobile app helps you manage and track your account on the go. You could trade, borrow, earn interest and even view your account.


Some of the features in the BlockFi mobile app include:

#1. Sign Up and Earn

With your mobile app, you could sign up and earn, all from the comfort of your home. If you don't have a BlockFi account, you could register through your Android or iOS device.

#2. Earn Up to 8.6% APY

With BlockFi, you could earn up to 8.6% APY interest on your account. This is regardless of using a PC or Phone.

#3. Borrow Funds

If there's crypto in your account, and you intend to use it as collateral, then that is possible. This is because you can use your crypto to withdraw USD, assess your crypto value while at it, and not sell your crypto.

#4. Management

Finally, the BlockFi app allows you to manage everything about your account.


What are the Benefits of BlockFi?

So far, with all we've said regarding BlockFi, you've seen that it does have benefits. Some of the benefits of BlockFi are:

#1. Mobile App

This app helps you manage and keep track of your cryptocurrency from your smartphones or tablets. BlockFi has a standard mobile app that grants you access to your account from any device.

#2. No minimum and hidden Balances

No BlockFi account does not come with a catch. All terms are outlined. The platform doesn't take any minimum or hidden fee.

#3. Manage your Account with Ease

When you have bitcoins or stable coins in your BlockFi account, then managing your account becomes easy. With blockfi, you get total transparency and control over your account assets.


How to sign up for a BlockFi

Getting registered for a block account does not involve a difficult process. You can register and open a BlockFi interest account once you are 18 and above. Here is a quick step on how to opening an account:


Step 1: Visit or download the BlockFi mobile app from your Android or iOS.


Step 2: Fill in your personal information. If you were referred by someone, add your referral code, then accept the terms and conditions.


Step 3: Complete your KYC/AML process. You'll have to verify your information and provide proof of identity.


Step 4: Deposit funds to your account by clicking on the deposit tab.


Step 5: Immediately you've got money in your account, then you start earning interest.


And, that's it. Registering for BlockFi is as simple and as straightforward as can be. Customers do not need to spend much time signing up because it's quick and simple.


The Take-Away

With BlockFi, the future of crypto has taken a new turn. You're not only allowed to buy crypto but to also earn and grow your income. Also, there is a crypto credit card in the pipeline which is the first of its kind and BlockFi is the headline of this project. So with BlockFi, every transaction you'll make is safe and secured.

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