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About us

About us

BitcoinPromos is a team of crypto enthusiasts who research and review industry brands that offer crypto services or accept crypto as payment solutions for services. In addition to offering reviews of products like hardware wallets, gaming or sports sites, and exchanges, we source bitcoin promo codes related to their services.


We have tested and used all the products or services reviewed. We've been involved in the crypto and gaming industry since 2011 and are your qualified source for information and advice. 

BitcoinPromos Discounts

Our primary focus is to source brands, products, and services that accept payments with or exchange Bitcoin. Oftentimes these services will offer promo codes, referral codes, or bonuses if you pay with Bitcoin. This leaves plenty of opportunities to get the best value for your purchase. We’ve sourced hundreds of brands that utilize or revolve around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We’ll be consistently adding content, promo codes, and more as new brands come out with bitcoin offers. If you are a merchant and would like your promo codes displayed, please send us an email.



BitcoinPromos Reviews

Our goal is to not only find companies and services that offer promo codes and opportunities with Bitcoin, but we also review these services. We have either bought or used every service we review on this site and can help you understand if there’s a fit for your needs. We detail how to sign up for services, how to deposit or withdraw, what features and options they have, and much more. Some examples of products we’ve reviewed are hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger, betting options like MyBookie and Ignition, as well as exchanges like Bitstamp. We’ll be consistently adding new reviews as more crypto marketplace options come along. If you’re a merchant and would like to be reviewed, please send us an email.



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